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Thread: What method can let me use the PDF files?

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    Default What method can let me use the PDF files?

    Some friends said they donít like the PDF files for the restriction of PDF. Now it turns to me, I meeting the same problem. So I need everyone to help me. What method can let me use the PDF files? Thanks

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    What kind of problems you are facing with PDF? PDF documents are the best source of containing text, fonts, graphics, and other needed information in an application software format. The information it contains cannot be modified easily. Also, PDF documents can contain several useful information which has to be only in "read only" mode. Simply, when there's no need of modification. You might have some problems with the PDF documents which are password protected. If you are using office 2013, then you can easily edit or modify any PDF doc. for as long as you want.

    Read: Microsoft Word 2013 allows editing PDF files!

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    Not sure what your problem is.

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    What computer and OS?
    What do you want to do with a pdf? Change a document, write or annotate it?

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    I use Adobe, works great at least on Windows.

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