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Thread: Infographic: 97% of Google income comes from advertising

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    Cool Infographic: 97% of Google income comes from advertising

    Folks say Google is a search company, I prefer to call it an advertising company! It has fine-tuned and perfected the art and science of monetizing its search and I honestly would not be surprised if it actually tweaks its search results, not just to make links from quality sites to appear on the first page, but to also make such websites from which it makes the most money, appear on its first page - that's because some advertisers are willing to pay very high to appear on particular website -and it is a known fact that most searchers never go on the 2nd page and usually click results from the first page.

    But then again, I may be wrong!

    Here is an Infographic I came across which show how Google makes its money! Go here to see it.

    Hat tip.

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    Woo ! Billion and billion of $ with advertisement , its awesome

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