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Thread: Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop: Microsoft’s New product

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    Cool Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop: Microsoft’s New product

    Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is especially designed for better productivity, with an eye on ergonomic excellence and performance. By providing a relaxed, comfortable computing experience for the users, it enables you to work without the stress, strain, and discomfort and pain of wrist likely of other keyboards and mouse you may have used in the past.

    Microsoft Corporation has years of experience creating the ergonomic keyboards and mouse designed to promote the healthy computing principles for the users. These products are designed based off to extensive research.Microsoft has been making a line of ergonomic products for nearly 20 years.

    The Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is a mixed combination of the two fntastic products i.e Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard and the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse. This keyboard incorporates out a split layout. As you can see in the above pic– it’s quite unique and cool. When I first laid my eyes on the keyboard, it looked as though it came from the future with the way keyboard was split. Then when I put my hands on it, it felt like that the keyboard naturally “fit” my palm. This split keyboard layout is mainly designed to help position the wrists and forearms in a natural position and relaxed position.

    The keyboard of this device is optimized for Windows and features hot-keys at the top for the quick access to the charms in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 as well as media playback and for multi-tasking purpose. And the number pad which is separated – allows you to move it out of the way you like if you aren’t using it. This also adds focus benefits – helping to reduce the pain of shoulder.

    Whereas, Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse is especially designed for the healthy computing with a unique shape and design that encourages natural postures for users. The mouse is taller than mouse to reduce the distance between desktop surface and the underside of your hand, which helps minimize carpal tunnel pressure. All these ergonomic benefits should change the way you are actually feeling when using a mouse for long periods of time.

    The Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop will be available in August 2013 for an suggested retail price of around $129.95. The Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse will also be available separately for retail price of $59.95.

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    Yes, the mouse does look good. Some images and an Infographic here: New Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse announced

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    It is definitely a great looking setup. But, I could never really get into the ergonomic keyboards. It looks like they are making their hardware into art and not just going for superior functionality (they are going with both now).

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