If you are a Microsoft Forum contributor, here’s a fun challenge! This is for all those Community Contributors who love to share knowledge with everyone via the Microsoft Forum Posts.

One has to Register for the Post2Beat challenge and maximize Forum Contributions and be a winner.

  • This challenge is open to everyone from India, Nepal and Bangladesh.
  • Microsoft Forums namely MSDN, TechNet, Community, ASP.net and IIS.net are considered for this challenge.
  • Post2Beat is open from Dec 23, 2014 to Jan 22, 2015.
  • One doesn’t have to report about ones Forum points/contribution but just have to register with your Forum Profile. Contributions will be reviewed on the last day of Post2Beat Challenge and winners will be notified via email and also will be announced during South Asia MVP Open Day 2015 (Jan 22-24) at Bangalore.

Please check this for registering and other details.

(Source : meraTechPort)