Bell Labs shows off 10 Gigabit DSL

"Two sets of plain copper wires can do remarkable things.

A new standard for DSL,, can reach speeds of up to a gigabit of data per second,
though its performance drops rapidly once the copper wires extend for more than 100 meters.
That's enough to get service from a very nearby service closet but not much beyond that.
Are we at the end of the line for the technology?

Maybe not.
The engineers at Bell Labs, however, said that its customers—ISPs in this case—have other ideas.
It's not easy to run fiber through every town or into every building, and ISPs see opportunities for higher-tier services over copper wires.
So Bell Labs has joined a number of companies in working on a technology that can reach 10Gbps over copper wiring,
and Ars got a chance to look at some of the preliminary hardware.

The new tech is limited to a distance of only about 50 m before the dropoffs become substantial,
but that's enough to handle services like fiber to the driveway or fiber to the floor of a multifamily dwelling.
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