The Windows 8.1 app makes it easier for technology professionals to connect, explore, collaborate, and stay up to date with everything happening in the technology community worldwide, while better supporting products and services they offer. The Solaborate Windows 8.1 app integrates or supports most of same features and capabilities as the web, straight from your Windows desktop.

The app is designed for tech professionals to help increase productivity with a familiar interface, a user-friendly approach and blazing speed:
• Collaborate both internally and externally in real time using chat and video
• News feed giving you real time notifications and updates on the Live Tile
• Support hub for your products and services from your Windows desktop
• Share updates, photos, videos and check-in
• Send private messages directly through your contacts, even when they’re offline
• Find jobs & opportunities by navigating through the app using the beautiful modern user interface

Solaborate connects the tech community and offers a central place for real-time collaboration. Our Windows app puts the tech community just one click away with much faster access than going through a browser. It also makes it easier to support products and services by leveraging your network to discover new opportunities and work more productively from your desktop.

Learn more about the Solaborate Windows 8.1 app by watching the video and download it today from the Windows Store

We will continue to deliver the best experience possible by providing regular updates to Solaborate over time. We received valuable feedback since the launch of both the Web and Mobile solutions and we will continue to listen as we launch future versions.

About Solaborate: Solaborate is a social and collaboration platform dedicated to technology professionals and companies to connect, collaborate, discover opportunities, and create an ecosystem around products and services. Solaborate provides technology professionals a central place with the right tools and services to collaborate in real time and be more productive. Solaborate goes beyond internal integration to enable interaction with people outside the company, including experts, potential hires and even customers. It differentiates itself in the world of social networking by focusing on the needs of tech professionals.