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Thread: RegOwnit released : Feedback and support

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    LW: Thank you for the welcome.

    Capt.Jack: Yes i'm beginning to get the hang of things now. I only hope I can be of some use to the forum.

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    RegOwnit.exe does not seem to work for the following Windows 7 Registry Key:

    When I ran the RegOwnit program the program displayed the messages that the changes were successful - however, when I checked the Registry Keys, the Permissions and Owners had not been changed.

    Thanks for your work - without "guys" like you, lots of people would be "up the creek without a paddle"...

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    Default Issues after taking ownership of all aspects of the registry using Regownit

    Yesterday downloaded from TWC a program used to change registry permissions. I basically took ownership of all aspects of the registry. Now, i can't boot up my computer at all. The video signal is no longer sent to the monitor, so there is literally no way to access this computer that i'm aware of, and possibly restore the permissions to trusted installer status rather than myself. I am using a backup computer to access internet and post this message, but don't know if i will be able to recover and restore the other computers, now, apparently corrupted registry having taken ownership of all keys.

    My question is, can i use either a data transfer USB cable, Or an ethernet crossover bridge to access this damaged computer registry and restore it? any help would be greatly appreciated. Windows 8.1 64 bit operating system. thanx to all who offer a doable solution.

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    Hi, IMO the easiest way for you would be to use a Windows installation media to boot into Safe Mode and then go back to the created system restore point, or restore your backed up registry.

    They do mention on the Regownit page:

    It is strongly recommended that you first backup your Windows registry and create a system restore point before making any changes to your system. This tool has to be used very careful, and changing permissions indiscrimately may make your PC insecure or cause other serious problems.

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