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Thread: Support - Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3.0

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    Do you know the comand-line syntax for importing? I know can do it once you have the program open, but that is not what I asking how to do.


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    Default Ultimate windows tweaker locking down admin account

    I'm using Ultimate windows tweaker 3.1 on windows 8.1. I'm trying to lock down a child account to block access to control panel to enforce a proxy, among other things. When I turn on the changes and then switch back to the Admin account, it is carrying over all the changes. Is there a setting i'm missing to force it to change only the child account?

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    Default Shortcut arrow box issue

    I'm using Ultimate Tweaker 3.1 and when I hit the "Remove Shortcut Arrows From Shortcut Icons" button under the "File Explorer" tab, little white boxes replace where the arrows were instead of filling them in.

    Is there any way to fix this?


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    Question Win8 PROBLEMS Hiding Win Taskbar with UWT3

    on my machine with Windows 8 pro 64bit I've installed Stardock Start8 & Startdock ModernMix together with Ultimate Windows Treaker 3.

    I need to hide the windows taskbar but even if I select "Customization" --> Remove Taskbar on UWT3, it does just remove the taskbar for a WHILE but the it appear again.

    Is it possibile that one of the other Startdock programs is denying to remove the windows taskbar?

    Hope you can HELP me!!


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    Yes, I think you should use only one customization program at a time.

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