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Thread: Program Blocker Support

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    Default Program Blocker Support


    I have a problem with the Program Blocker free.

    I am using win7 x64 and i want to know if there is a way that this program start minimized after restart/shutdown?

    I tried many ways by adding line to the target shortcut and choosing the minimized option in the properties but nothing seems to work.

    After reboot it poops up in front of the desktop asking me for password which i don't want that way.

    I just need this option badly ,Help??

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    If you want the software to operate silently without any pop-up messages or alerts, then you can do so by simply enabling the Hidden Mode from settings. Hidden Mode will make the software completely hidden from the taskbar, system tray, etc. but it will continue blocking the apps.

    Or you could create its shortcut in the Startup folder, and then via its Properties, make it Always start minimized.

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    Hi guys, does anybody use adlock?

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