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Thread: VT-x Problem While Installing Windows 10 TP in Vmware Free Player

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    Default VT-x Problem While Installing Windows 10 TP in Vmware Free Player

    I know nothing about firmware or hardware so be gentle.

    Windows 8.1 x64 Home is my host system on an Asus M51AC desktop computer. I'm trying to install Windows 10 build 10049 x64 in Vmware Free Player. The x86 version installed easily. But when I tried to install x64 I received the following error message.

    I entered the UEFI settings panel. All I could find is VT-d. I found nothing about VT-x or Virtualization Technology.

    Can you help me get this turkey installed or is it too hard?

    I've been on the internet for 20 years. So I'm no noob. But this is over my head.
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    Looks like you have an i7 CPU. VT-d seems to be some kind of superset of VT-x. Did you try to enable VT-d and what did VMware say ?

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