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Thread: Dual Booting Windows 7

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    Default Dual Booting Windows 7

    I had downloaded and installed Win10 on my notebook. i was really enjoying it, It is far better than that piece of CRAP jokingly referred to as Win 8/8.1, until one morning I discovered that Microsoft had auto-installed a new build on my machine. This "update" caused my machine to immediately Hibernate every time I rebooted my machine Try as I might the only way to cure the problem was to install a new hard drive in the machine since Win 10 had reformatted my HD and I was unable to reformat the old one with either Win 8 or Win 7.

    I now have a new HD in place and have 4 new partitions with Win 7 installed in two of the partitions. I want to be able to set up a dual boot configuration. I will keep one as a pure Win 7 disk and want to begin again evaluation Win 10 by running it on the 2nd 2nd Win 7 partition.

    I would appreciate any advice anyone can provide.

    William Sivill

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    To avoid a similar trouble in the future, I would recommend to run W10TP in virtual - after all it is only a beta version and you never know what it will do. Here is a little tutorial I made that should get you started. It is also a lot handier for daily operations - you'll see when you watch the 3d video.

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