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Thread: Choose an operating system screen missing on dual-boot Windows 10 computer

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    Default Choose an operating system screen missing on dual-boot Windows 10 computer

    Hi there

    Could anyone advise how to boot into the "choose operating system" screen in windows 10? (build 10162)

    I got it the first time I booted after installation but it has never reappeared.

    When I load msconfig, it only shows my Windows 10 installation, but I've still got a window.old folder from my 7 installs.

    Here is how to fix the problem

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    So on your dual-boot computer you do not see the Choose an operating system screen. Right?

    First in mconfig or System Configuration tool, under the Boot tab, check the Timeout in seconds. Set it to 10 seconds.

    If that does not work, use bootcfg /rebuild command to rebuild your Boot.ini file. This will add the missing operating system back.

    Else use the Dual Boot Repair Tool and see if it helps.

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    You can also use EasyBCD to add entry of Windows 7 to boot manager, in case if you're not able to make it from MSConfig.

    Hope this helps, Good luck

    Note from hackerman1: i edited the post and added a link to EasyBCD.
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    A previous build update did the same thing to me. Used EasyBCD to fix. Now I get the blue screen on startup, but if I restart, I get the black and white - weird.

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    Glad I found you guys, been driving me nuts - you sparked the right train of thought with "I got it the 1st time but never after" - the key clue staring me right in the face. Change your default OS to W10 and you'll boot to that nice blue W10 "choose an OS" screen with all the options. If W7 is your default OS you'll always boot to the black options screen. Having just successfully completed installing W10 beside W7, on the first reboot coming out of W10 I got the blue W10 "choose an OS" screen, but after that I changed my default to W7. I bet you did too, and that's why we all only saw the blue screen after the first reboot from having installed W10. The only downside is that when the timer runs out, and it doesn't matter if it's 10 or 30 seconds, it will default to W10 unless you choose W7, if that's your preference.
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