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Thread: Office 2013 on Windows 10 problems

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    Default Office 2013 on Windows 10 problems

    I did a clean install of Windows 10. What I did was a clean of Win 7 Ultimate first, activated Win 7 Ultimate, then proceeded to install Win 10 using a clean install method. No problems at all.

    I installed Microsoft Office 2013. This is where my problem is. After the install, I copied my Office files to the Document folder in Win 10. I opened an Excel spreadsheet, made some changes, and when I tried to save the file I was not allowed to save it. In addition, some files were marked Read Only, changing the file properties did not help because every time I tried to save a file, I was told I did not have administrative rights.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


    Part 2:

    A simple test I tried. I opened Notepad, typed a few words and tried to save it to the Documents folder. i could not. Windows notified me I did not have administrative rights? This makes no sense. The same occurs if I try to create an Office Excel or Word ducument for example. i have the same problem when I try to save to the Pictures Directory.


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