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Thread: Windows 10 Start Button Faulty

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    Default Windows 10 Start Button Faulty

    I Installed Windows 10 as an upgrade three days ago but now I have a number of problems which makes the O/S pretty useless to me. Firstly I can right click on the start button which only gives me a context menu - left clicking gives me nothing. Secondly, although I have a search box I can't key anything to it.Thirdly, although I have a windows store icon on my task bar I am unable to access it. If anybody has any suggestions they would be most wellcome.

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    Regarding Start Button, see if this helps you:

    I also suggest you to create and check another user account and see if Store works on that.

    Hope this helps, Good luck

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    I had the above problems immediately after the recent update and then setting one of the 'pretty screens' when my PC came out of sleep mode, instead of allowing windows to cycle thru them. I tried SFC and DISM without success, so I went into 'Recovery' thru the control panel (right-click on the start button to get there), - NOT 'Backup and Restore', that seems to be Windows 7 only - and restored my system to the only restore point that was there. Everything promptly started working again!

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