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Thread: Shadow effects not working (windows borders & mouse pointer) in Windows 10

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    Default Shadow effects not working (windows borders & mouse pointer) in Windows 10

    Hi guys,

    for some reason it seem I have lost all Shadows effects (windows borders and mouse pointer) on my Windows 10 desktop.

    Actually this happened some time before I upgraded to Win10 so I had this problem yet on Windows 8/8.1 but I was hoping that upgrading could fix whatever might have been broken. It wasn't a big deal on Win8 but now that the new Windows designs have much more white space especially in the upper area, without a shadow effect it get a real mess to distinguish where to click if you have few windows piled up.

    So, this is what I have tried so far...and I mean I'm really running out of ideas now...

    1. check performance options in Advanced System Settings...there is a specific element there to enable/disable windows borders shadows...however enabling/disabling such feature produce no effects on my PC
    2. Checked the options for pointer shadows in the advanced panel for mouse...same story, here too the settings are ignored, with the only odd details that once a click apply and close the option panel, when I re-open it again the setting is somehow reverted back to the no-shadow configuration. I suspect there is something maybe crashing in the background here...
    3. Uninstalled all video drivers, cleaned the registry accordingly, restarted the system...shadows weren't visible regardless of the settings even with the generic video drivers, so is not even a VGA driver issue.
    4. Tried to switch various resolutions and desktop themes just to see if whatever may have been stuck in the desktop set-up could get back to its normal behaviour...needless to say no luck again...
    5. Tried a third part app for customizing windows shadows (WindowsFX by Stardock) but same as tinkering with the native Windows performance settings...nothing happens, no shadows at all..

    One more odd thing happening on my desktop is that I get some sort of dotted rectangle around the last icon I have if it was selected somehow.

    At this point I'm pretty sure there is something broken in the registry or something like that...for instance in the log-in screens the mouse pointer has a shadow, it just disappear as soon as the desktop is launched. So well it must be something related to the desktop configuration...

    Beside that, I have a high-end PC (i5+AMD R9280X) so I don't think it is a matter of hardware performance and my Windows installation has and is still running flawlessly beside this viewing problem. But I really need to fix this thing now...any help would be more than welcomed!

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    You seem to have tried most of the things.

    Boot in Clean Boot State and see if this problem still occurs or disappears.

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