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Thread: Waveout Recording doesn't work after upgrading to Windows 10

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    Default Waveout Recording doesn't work after upgrading to Windows 10

    The WaveOut (Stereo Mix) recording feature is not available after upgrading to Windows 10. Under Recording devices, it shows Stereo Mix as unavailable currently. The normal route is to upgrade the device driver which I did using default procedure using Device Manager. Windows said I had latest driver.

    I then uninstalled all audio devices and used Conexant drivers that I got with computer to reinstall the sound card but it stopped showing WaveOut altogether. I had to upgrade using Device Manager to get back the Waveout recorder in list of recording devices.

    I feel updating using Device Manager installs generic drivers. There must be a method to install drivers for the conexant audio card.

    It's a Compaq V6000 with conexant audio device. Is there any way I can get the WaveOut to function? Is it drivers or some codec problem? Computer is recognizing the device as evident from its listing under Recording devices. But it says currently unavailable.


    PS: I found nothing on conexant website... it's too confusing to search there.

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    I only see drivers for XP & Vista at the Compaq site.

    What is the EXACT model number (look on the bottom of laptop)?

    We obviously need Windows 10 compatible drivers.

    Regards. . .


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