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Thread: Needing input/help with Win 10

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    Angry Needing input/help with Win 10

    Can someone enlighten me as to what I’m doing wrong with downloading windows 10 or what is hindering my download. I’m starting to panic, because as I understand it; this free download is only valid for this month - and time is running out. Last night was my 3rd frustrated failed attempt.

    With the first two attempts the downloading processes were instantly self-initiated (and at the end of each download a different error code appeared with a message saying that this download was unsuccessful); then last night (3rd attempt), after a 2.5 hr wait the ‘view progress’ area still read ‘preparing for download’.
    I’m no IT guru, so any suggestions are welcome. I even checked the downloads folder which was empty.
    And to make matters worse I went over my download limit – twice.

    Any idea’s anyone – before time runs out???

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    First thing is that free upgrade period is for one year since Windows 10 release date. So don't worry and you can download it for free before 29 July, 2016 Second thing is that you can try to download ISO file and then upgrade:

    Windows 10 ISO

    Here is step-by-step guide to upgrade using ISO file:

    How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File.
    Hope this helps, Good luck

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