Hello people,

I am new on this forum, and I have some questions about administration in Windows 10.

Few days ago I bought a laptop and i made 2 Users. One User is mine(Administrator), and the second User(Guest) is for my family members, friends,... I have 3 partitions, first is system C, second is for my files D and the
third E is for Guest.

So now i deny everything for Guest User for the partitions C and D, and i gave him permission only for the E partition but I don't understand some things.

By default in system partition C there is Folder Users and in Users folder are Administrator and Guest User. How is possible that Guest User save thing on Desktop when I deny everything in Security tab. I don't want for Guest User to save things on his Desktop because he will fill my system partition with unnecessary things, that is reason why i gave him the E partition. How can I redirect his folder from C:Users\ to E partition?

How can I restrict User for changing date, time, reg, system settings? The reason why am I asking this is that I don't want anyone change system settings expect me, or install something that will affect my system.

Or, what I need to do that system setting of Guest don't affect Administrator settings. Is it possible to to that?

Best regard to all,