Hello one and all that can help. I installed Windows 10 a couple of weeks ago and all was great until using the mail app feature.

I have several email accounts, but when I installed Windows 10, the app took one of my AOL accounts as the primary "outlook" account instead of my Hotmail account which is my actual Windows account. I can delete and add any other account in the app settings, except that AOL account.

When I open the settings for that AOL account, and I go to Change account settings, I am taken to the windows.microsoft.com website and the account it opens up is my actual hotmail account. This means that AOL account that the app is using as "the" outlook account does not appear anywhere and thus I cannot change any settings to it...

Thus, I am stuck with that account as the primary one and cannot change/delete. Is there anyway to make my hotmail account the actual outlook account on the mail app? Having the AOL account as the primary account is duplicating any even I make in calendar, and even when I unchecked that AOL calendar, it becomes checked again next time I reopen calendar. Sooooo annoying!