I have some NAS disks connected to my computer (Win 10, lots of memory and storage) Some of them go offline for some strange reason. I have a batch file which issues net commands to re-connect them again. When I just click on the batch file, nothing happens but a quick flash of the command prompt window. If I open the batch file and Cntrl-A; Cntrl-C and then open a command prompt window and paste into the window, it runs just fine.

It is a small pain to go through the two=step process to get the batch file to run. How do I get the batch file to run when I just click on the desktop shortcut? I can upload the .BAT file but I do not want to clog the forum pages with needless information unless I have constructed the batch file wrong.

Thanks for the help. I was hoping for either an explanation why it has to be that way or some trick that I can use to just run the batch file quickly