I have a windows 7 computer that I need to keep at windows 7 as I support others using this OS. I registered for the W10 upgrade, and when it became available I gave permission, as I'd had concerns from clients that they could not opt out.
I discovered that once you start the process its imposisble to stop it!
In control panel Windows updates I'm now seeing "
Here is what I have tried:

run net stop wuauserv
then closed the wuaudit process in task manager, and only then would it let me kill the update dialog.
However it keeps coming back, - even after I've done a system restore to a week earlier.

Uninstall KB3035583

Run the Disk Clean up tool and select the Clean up system files after the initial scan. Select the Temporary installation files for deletion. Once they are removed reboot your system and then check for Windows Updates once again.

deleted "C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload" and $Windows.~BT

Eventually I had to turn off the PC - and when I restarted the "upgrade " began - and stalled at 100%. Then again at 35%.
Then it tried to revert - and failed. I was left with a bricked PC.

So I booted from the repair disc - and none of the repair options worked.

In BIOS I discovered my SSD C drive had disappeared!

Finally the machine restarted again while I was away, and its working on W7 again - but the Windows update is still showing as ready in control panel - and when I restsrt It will all happen again.

PLEASE - How can I prevent this upgrade from taking place or bricking my PC?

Can anyone tell me how to