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Thread: Multiple problems with Windows 10

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    Default Multiple problems with Windows 10

    I stubbornly got MSN and HP and Intel because they are local to Oregon or close.
    I was promised my so many at MSN/Windows that downloading the new 10 would be uneventful.
    We pay extra for MSN Premium so we can continue to use the old MSN Mail we are so used to.
    But the new 10 try's to send me to Outlook which to me is as bad as Hotmail.
    So I have to open most emails at ONE Drive Outlook.
    It does not yet know all of the email names we use which is lucky for me.
    Explorer normally closes whenever I try to open any attachment or photo and sometimes short emails.
    Explorer has however closed a lot for years.

    The worst aspect is Pictures where I store photos.
    I have to enter 'pictures' to get to it.
    But now all newly downloaded photos from the stick or any stick go to One Drive.
    It then is lost forever to me.
    Only once would it email 7 photos to my own email where I moved it to pictures.
    My Facebook will not go to One Drive which is good.
    So to get a new photo on to FB or to email or even simply store and file,
    I have my wife's computer open and email to me.

    How can I make Pictures my default?
    Or how can I disable One Drive?
    I have attempted that.

    I have chatted with Windows/MSN 5 times for 75 to 150 minutes each time.
    They have taken over my computer and all said they were unable to get MSN Mail to work
    as it was beyond their ability.
    They provided the same phone number where the answering machine said they are 90 minutes or more behind.
    I was asked to leave my phone number and they would return my call.
    They never have in over a dozen requests.
    I wait 48 hours before trying again.

    I don't believe anyone really works at One Microsoft Dr east of Seattle.
    It must be machines that reroute all calls and emails to the Orient.

    I did at one time pay a fortune to a MSN Company or one they sent me to.
    They were fast and quick but more and more things kept coming up.
    And my paid for life (because I am elderly ) subscription kept costing more and more because of ???
    So even-though they may fix this quick, I haven't let them takeover control (as far as I know).

    So for my first time I am dumping this on you guys and gals.
    I feel like I am filling out another report to help MSN in the future.
    One they will never ever respond to because no one is really there.
    Or maybe they are all at Tully's.

    I now don't even know how I will know if I have an answer.
    I did allow anyone to email me.

    I greatly appreciate and respect your time.
    Thank You for reading this far.


    Note from Moderator: I changed the topic of the thread.
    "I need HELP!" does not explain what your post is about.
    Next time use a better title.
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