I recently changed my laptop & immediately downloaded Windows 10 from 8. I downloaded my own copy of Microsoft Office but don`t seem to be able to display the Outlook App. When I go to "Search the web & windows" the MS Outlook 2010 appears & on selection the App appears temporally & then displays Connection to MS Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online to complete this action.

Then a small MS Exchange window opens with MS Exchange server (in my case "Talktalk") & Mailbox in which I have tried various combinations for "Check name" When I then clear all that I am told that the set of files cannot open C:\Users\.....etc. The file is not an outlook data file!!

What am I doing wrong?? I must add that I can get to my emails by going direct to Outlook on the Web but I would be much happier If I could get there by conventional means!! Any suggestions will be welcome please!!