Hey people,

This is an annoying bug me and some other people have on Windows 10 (I Googled and I found a forum that people had this). Not sure how did it start but it happened like 3 days after I upgraded to Windows 10. Everything was fine and I was thrilled to use Windows 10 but then this bug hit me. So the thing is that one day I refreshed my desktop and I saw my icons changing places and sort themselves by name. It was strange so I figured out to change them back in the way I want. When I did refresh again they changed and sorted by name...again. I hate this and I always had my desktop shortcuts not sorting at all, just to align in grid. I don't even use auto arrange icons.

Funny thing is that I see NO dot (like selection) near any Sort by option. So that means I have the "Sorty by" feature off but they keep going sorting themselves. This won't stop here though. Everytime I start my PC or restart it the icons are ALWAYS sorted by Name. It never saves my options.

And this led to another "not saving" my options in Folder View settings. All my folders, BUT ALL MY FOLDERS, are in Details view. When I change a folder in List or Small Icons, Medium Icons etc and I go back and forth into the folder again they option I did wasn't saved at all. It's still back to Details view. This happened the same day with my Desktop icons.

All of the guys have this bug that hit desktop icons and the Folder View settings at the same time. So I guess, it's one bug that strikes both. It's not like I installed a Windows Update at this time and after the restart I saw the difference. It just happened out of nowhere, randomly when I was browsing my PC.

Anybody has any idea how this can happen and be fixed. I tried most of the Google solutions (although most of them talk for Windows 7 or Windows 8) but there's no success yet.

I even tried sfc /scannow which finds 1 problem but can't fix it (I tried in Safe Mode too). Not sure how relative is the scan with my problem and if the problem it finds is this and can't fix it but I just tried everything I could do and found on the internet but still nothing.