I want to add a link to play music files with MPC-HC to the right click menu. I bought Right Click Enhancer Professional and also tried Context Menu Editor For Windows (from this site) but I can't figure them out. Can someone give a step by step process to accomplish this? Thanks.

I once had a program when I was on Win 7 that would let me open the right click menu into word pad and edit it from there but I can't find that program now.

Right Click Enhancer would surely work for this but there just isn't enough information on how to use it included. I've studied the help screens over and over and they just don't make sense to me.

I used Context Menu Editor (again from this Windows Club site), found MPC-HC.exe and clicked on "Set". It works for a single mp3 file but when I select multiple files that "open with" option is not available. Tried it with the "extended" box checked and not checked (although I don't know what it does). Maybe Context Menu Editor only works on Win 7 and Vista, not Win 10. I'm on Win 10 64 bit.

This shouldn't be such a hard thing to accomplish. Did it on Vista and Win 7 but can't seem to solve it in Win 10.