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Thread: dwm.exe high CPU usage in Windows

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    Default dwm.exe high CPU usage in Windows

    I never altered anything and no updates installed, when i switched on the computer the dwm.exe is using 100% of my cpu. I did a full scan, tried to disable the service and restart again. it wasnt useful. please help me to correct this, after this problem the system is heating up also.

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    Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) is a Windows service that helps give you those Aero/Transparency effects. It consumes typically around 50MB. Its location should be in the System32 folder, else it could be malware. So confirm this first.

    Make sure that your Windows OS is up-to-date.

    Change your Windows theme to Basic and see if it helps. It will reduce memory usage.

    Else open Advanced system settings > Advanced > Performance and Optimize your Windows for Performance by disabling the visual effects.

    To disable it completely, open Services Manager and disable the Desktop Windws Manager Session Manager service.

    See Desktop Window Manager dwm.exe consumes high CPU or Memory

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