I am working with a fresh W10 install. I am used to W7.

One old (x86) application I run requires that I configure the Start in setting for the shortcut that launches it. The shortcut that was placed on the desktop did not let me change that. The shortcut in the New list does not let me change that. The shortcut in the All Programs list does not let me change that. Right-click does not offer Properties.

I created a new shortcut on the desktop. That lets me open Properties, so I was able to make the required change to Start In. That shortcut launches correctly. However when I right-click in that shortcut and Pin to Start, launching from the Start menu does NOT launch correctly (which is to say, the program is not started using the Start In value). Apparently the property I changed is lost for the Start menu.

How can I control the Properties of this in the All Programs, Start menu, and other places where right-click does not give the the Properties option? How can I keep a change to Properties from being lost when an item is pinned to Start? Is any of this even possible?


RH in CT