I am not even sure if I'm in the right forum.
I am using Trados Studio 2015. It has worked fine since I recently upgraded and this morning I had nothing better to do than to delete old obsolete versions of the program (multiple GB), dating back to 2007.

As soon as I did that all my file extensions for Trados files stopped being displayed and also all icons were gone (Trados has different icons for its various files, which enable the user to see if a file was e.g. incoming or is outgoing or is a template or whatnot).

Then I thought I should try reinstalling the program. Did that, no success. Then I thought, let me put the computer back into yesterday's status. But I had to realize that Windows 10 needs the user to set a restore point first before it does anything. Obviously I had not done so yesterday.

Then I thought I might as well go through endless lists of tips and tricks on the manufacturer website. I found some tip about removing the user-made personalized settings and once I managed Win 10 to let me change those and I deleted them, I realized that now my personal settings are gone but the problem was not resolved.

I should say that the other sin I committed was that in the very beginning when I was slightly panicked, I did the Win 10 right-click to set "open this kind of file with Trados 15" and now all of the different files are shown as one and the same kind in terms of the icon and they do not have the proper file type names as per Trados.

I found instructions (which I did not understand) on how to do regedit and alter the attributes of those files there. I found the files in regedit but like I said, didn't understand what I ought to do and did nothing.

I also checked - just to be sure - if the actual icons for the various file types are still in Trados. Yes, those are right where they need to be. I honestly do not know if there is a solution or where to start figuring it out.

Maybe someone knows anything about it???