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Thread: System loading 'something'

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    Default System loading 'something'


    I upgraded my Windows to Windows 10 some months ago, and downloaded FixWin 10.0 hoping that it would solve my problem.. but no

    When I start the system, it's like the system is always loading something for a long time (hours even), and this is what happens:

    As you can see, I was trying to drag the window and in some point it returned to where it was, and the vídeo is always braking as you can see (when i see full mode it doesn't), and for instance i try to write something on certain text boxes and as I'm writing it selects automatically all the text and, of course, if I write something it overwrites. It is difficult for me to explain better, but the mouse is always 'loading' (I can't insert URL in the thread, so if you search mouse loading you will see what I mean)
    It happens everytime when I start the system, and what I do is log off my account and log on again until it works properly.

    I will try to make a better vídeo next time it happens.

    Hope you can help me

    Best regards,
    Luis Rodrigues

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    From what I could see, it is the MSCONFIG tool that is loading. Need more details thought.

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