Here's a workaround for those facing the issue of hanging at 44% while installing the November update. Similar issue was being faced by Insiders while installing Build 10565.

Though builds newer than Windows 10 build 10565 build for Windows Insiders have been made available, this issue of Windows 10 build 10565 hanging at 44% is interesting and many were having this issue so Iím posting about this workaround.
EDIT: Similar issue have been reported by users installing the recently released Windows 10 November update for regular Windows 10 users. So I have updated the title too.
Microsoft has posted about this issue and a kind of workaround for it. Still the issue is being observed and feedback is being collected from Insiders.
Whatís the Issue?

While installing Windows 10 Build 10565, some devices having SD card inserted will stop responding at 44%. That is, the device hangs at 44%.

If the install is freezing at 44% and you have SD card inserted, just remove the SD card and the install will continue with the update beyond the 44%. If anyone was using SD card for additional disk space, check if you have a free USB or min-USB port available and that can be used instead for the upgrade. Hope this resolves the issue.

Those facing this issue, Microsoft has asked to provide the make and model of the device and also if the workaround provided resolves the issue or not.
(Source: meraTechPort)