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Thread: Remote X Display to PC running Windows 8.1/10 over VPN doesnt work

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    Default Remote X Display to PC running Windows 8.1/10 over VPN doesnt work

    No sure what the correct question is or the correct place to post this. So hoping for someone kinds soul how's get good internal networking knowledge about Windows 8.1/10, VPN tunnels, and what or how they might be changed from Windows XP/Windows 7

    Three machines.
    A) running XP
    B) running windows 7
    C) running 8.1 => 10 => 8.1

    I open up a VPN tunnel to my corporate network. Once tunnel is open, I can ping, open a VNC session, open a Remote Desktop connection, ssh or telnet to a corporate server. That all works. what does not work on the machine running 8.1/10 is that while on the corporate network, I can open a new Xterm or other application and export the display to display remotely on the local machine. I typically use mobaXterm or Xming to provide the local Xserver.

    I cannot do this on the Windows 8.1/10 machine. In fact, I cannot ping the local machine either. Yes the local machine gets an ipAddress from DHCP, and that address is within the corporate domain. But only on the XP or Windows7 machine can I communicate from the corporate network to the local machine. Something is wrong, blocking, the communication on Windows8.1/10

    Not sure if its a router thing
    An Windows 8.1/10 thing
    or VPN tunnel thing.

    I just know its not working.

    Anyone have any help in trouble shooting?

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    Not sure, but you may need to check your Firewall settings.

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