Somehow Windows 10 presented a new nightmare this morning. My computer came up with my wife as the user and required my microsoft account password to sign in and come up. The only thing I had done yesterday was sign up -with my name- in the feedback app for the first time.

My normal setup for opening windows and getting on to the computer was me as user and I had set the password as not required, since I'm the only one to use the computer. The email and account that I use to sign in, with its own password, is different than the one that came up on the login screen with my wife as the user, and naturally there was no way - or at least I don't no how - to change the user that is logging in.

This has got to be an example of windows doing things automatically that should never happen.

How in the world can I prevent anything like this from happening again.

Believe me, once more - ever - and windows 10 will be history!!!!!!!!