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Thread: Driver IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL (dxgnms1.sys) BSOD in Windows 10

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    Default Driver IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL (dxgnms1.sys) BSOD in Windows 10

    Since the recent November update I have been getting BSOD about once or twice a day. What follows is the on screen notification

    Driver IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL(dxgnms1.sys)

    What puzzles me most (not that I know much about this anyway) is that when I restart and the computer is scanned and repaired, it is not the (C) Drive, which has the OS but the (D) Drive, an SD Memory Card with programs / apps / docs / media. Why would this be?

    Can someone explain this and advise on what to do?

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    IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL is a common BSOD that occurs when a driver has illegally accessed a memory location while NT is operating at a specific IRQL. This is a driver coding error, akin to trying to access an invalid memory location.

    Please search for dxgnms1.sys on your PC. Open its folder location. Right-click on it and see its Properties. Can you find out which driver it is? If so uninstall and reinstall it or update it and see if it works.

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