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Thread: Setting Windows 10 - Can't add information into input areas

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    Default Setting Windows 10 - Can't add information into input areas

    I have attempted to setup Windows 10 and application settings. I have been finding when I click on a input area it disappears or goes back to the beginning.

    Example1: Setting up Skype, when it asks for user name or password. I click into the area and the cursor begins to blink. I begin my data input only to lookup and find nothing has been recognized or perhaps a couple of characters have been accepted. Time lapse for inputting is roughly 1 sec or 2

    Example 2: I have found this to be also true in drop down menus. Click on the drop down. You can see the selection, but you can not select the appropriate item because the drop down has already refreshed and disappeared.

    I have spent my XMAS day scouring different sources, but not finding this resolution.

    I remember all too clearly the issues, when Win 8 came out and the dissatisfaction of end users. Now, I know MS has begun a new era of problems.

    Thank you for your help.

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    See if the problem remains or dissappears in Clean Boot State. It could help you narrow down the problem.

    Disable your antivirus software temporarily and see.

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