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Thread: Windows 10 as "Operating System" only?

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    Default Windows 10 as "Operating System" only?

    I'm happy to have found this website and have already made good use of some of the information and downloads available. I have an unusual question, however. My use of computers dates back to 1972 when I first became a tech operating and maintaining certain military computers. As a result, my definition of "Operating System" is that piece of software which acts as the interface between the hardware, the user, and the user-installed software, as in DOS. Now days, Windows has morphed into a "do everything (Microsoft's Way) suite of software bits that the user struggles to have control over. Is there a version of Windows 10 where the administrator has TOTAL control over the pre-installed apps, or the ability to strip the system down to the point where it is just the servant of the user instead of trying to be his master?

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    Without superb OS hacking/OS [re][assembly] skills, no. I do not recommend hacking any OS, however, there are some brave souls out there.

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