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Thread: Desktop icons missing in Windows 10

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    Default Desktop icons missing in Windows 10

    I installed Windows 10 about a week ago now, and on boot, everything loads with no big deal except the desktop icons. None... The Taskbar is fine and the notification icons are as well..... BUT..... When I click for the RIGHT Mouse button menu... they come right up (along with the menu, of course). I have made sure the "Show Desktop Icons" option is checked, and even did an Icon Cache refresh..... they are still MIA...... SO........ Any replies/help in figuring this out would be appreciated.. Many Thanks ahead of time and a Happy New Year,,,,

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    You say you have ensured that Show desktop icons from the desktop right click context menu > View is checked.

    Flip to the Tablet mode and back. See if it helps. You will get the settings in Settings > Settings > Tablet Mode.

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    Default IconCache error

    Received following message. Said to contact someone at WC.

    Could not find file C:\Users\mitch\AppData\Local\IconCache.db'.at Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileSystem.DeleteFileInterna l(String file, UIOptionInternal showUI, RecycleOption recycle, UICancelOption onUserCancel) at FixWin.Main_Form.FixCorruptedDesktopIcons_Click(Ob ject sender, EventArgs e)

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    Have you tried rebuilding icon cache? try this & see if it helps Rebuild Icon Cache, Clear Thumbnail cache in Windows 10

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    I'm not familiar with the use of Windows 10 and I have encountered similar problems.

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