Is there a Microsoft fix for the November update bug on the horizon yet? This bug has trashed many of our Microsoft, and other, apps including the Store itself. Many fixes have been suggested and tried without success, so now we are hoping Microsoft will soon be issuing a solution to this problem which has substantially crippled Windows 10 for some of us.

The nature of the bug is I think now understood, in so far as it is clear it is triggered by the use of the PowerShell command intended to re-register apps. Unfortunately I fell foul of it using the Re-Register Store Apps function in The Windows Club's FixWin 10 app, when I tried to repair a corrupted Calendar. To quote from another forum: "Never ever run that powershell command to repair apps. All it does it breaks apps that only a refresh can fix. You have been warned." I don't want to refresh or re-install, I want the bug to be fixed.