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Thread: Disable & remove ALL Start Start screen aps to make Windows 10 look like XP

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    Question Disable & remove ALL Start Start screen aps to make Windows 10 look like XP

    Let me be somewhat specific. I want my Windows 10 startup and operation to appear as much like Windows XP Pro as possible.

    I do not use ANY social media aps, and the CLOUD type things that are available. I do not want them to take space on the HD either, and I would like to control the updates so that these things do not download to the PC either.

    OK, I am NEW to Win10 and have what I am told is a SMALL HD, 32gigs is not small to me, but windows keeps taking away HD space. The actual OS part is less than 8gig, but it is eating up another 10 gig of the HD. Maybe there is no way to accomplish this, BUT I must examine this.

    I have 2 identical Dell micro 3050. the auto updates keep taking away HD space. The start screen things (icons) have been made invisible, so they boot to the desktop now. No password needed, and no Outlook account either.

    OK folks, you can shoot at the messenger now. I am willing to let the basic OS update, but don't need all the application update to download and never leave. I would manually delete stuff if I knew what was not tied to the actual Win10 os.

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    Classic Shell may be what you are looking for.

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