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Thread: Blurry/Fuzzy Images/Designs after upgrading to Windows 10

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    Default Blurry/Fuzzy Images/Designs after upgrading to Windows 10

    Hi All,

    I'm really not sure what to call this problem or how to describe it, but it's only been a problem since upgrading to Windows 10.
    When I create designs (especially logos) in any of my usual programs - Serif DrawPlus, Inkscape, Paint, etc. - and then export/save them to my local drive, they immediately appear blurry/fuzzy. When I upload them to the web, they also appear distorted...

    When I experienced this for the first time and couldn't find any fix, I did a complete fresh install of Windows 10, which did sort out a lot of issues.
    Yesterday, however, I performed a Disk Cleanup, and suddenly this problem reappeared...

    I can't seem to attach any Image here, so it's difficult to explain exactly what this looks like.

    I'm really at my wit's end, and can't seem to find anyone else who's experienced the same thing that could offer any solution.

    If anyone knows what may be causing this or how to fix it, I would be truly grateful!

    Many thanks.

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    The Disk cleanup should not cause this problem as it merely cleans up junk files.

    Perhaps you need to update some drivere and/or check your screen resolution settings???

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