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Thread: Desktop icons load slowly at start-up in Windows 10

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    Default Desktop icons load slowly at start-up in Windows 10

    This PC has been upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and now Desktop icons load slowly at start-up. It will only load desktop icons properly once when it first makes a new set of iconcache.db files.

    This was at the first time on Win10 and now after the icon cache rebuilder from this website has been used.

    The rebuilder works properly every time and makes the desktop load quickly at the next boot - once - but on all the following boots the PC returns to the slow one-by-one find the icon process (which also happened on Win7).

    I think I have made sure that all iconcache*.* files are deleted from users/tony/appdata/local/iconcache.db and users/tony/appdata/local/microsoft/windows/explorer/iconcache_nnn.db where nnn is different for several files.

    I have also removed the thumbnail caches.

    Instinct suggests that not everything is being deleted and there is something left over from Win7.

    I want to avoid a doing a reformat and a clean Win10 install if I can.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    The causes could be many.

    Maybe your User profile has been corrupted. Log in as some other user and see.

    Icon Cache file may be corrupted. You have already run our Thumbnail & icon cache rebuilder for Windows 10. It works the first time and then on subsequent restarts, your problem re-appears. Try to Rebuild Icon Cache, Clear Thumbnail cache manually and see if that helps.

    If these Hidden files exists, delete them too:


    Check your Startup programs. See if disabling them helps. Best to boot in clean boot state and see if problem continues. If it disappears, try to identify the offending 3rd-party startup.

    You need to identify what could be causing this. Clean Boot State is the best way to go.

    Create a system restore point first, before doing anything.

    Hope something helps.

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