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Thread: Can't set Windows Mail app as default mail client in Windows 10

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    Default Can't set Windows Mail app as default mail client in Windows 10


    I just set up Windows Mail app and it's working fine for me. But when I try to send a file using the "Send via email" command the message box:

    "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill (...)"


    I already went to Control Panel< Programs< Default Programs< Set Default Programs and set all the defaults to windows mail app. But it's still not working.

    I installed mozilla thunderbird just if that program would be able to get the defaults right. And it does. With thunderbird the "send via email" feature works. But when I remove thunderbird the error is back.
    How can I get mail app working as my default app?

    Any ideas?

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    Hi Idefix,
    In which program are you trying this option of 'Send via email'? Is it the Mail app or some other 3rd party program?
    May be the Mail app registry corrupted as if other programs try to retrieve the required info from registry to use Mail app interface but can't? Have you tried removing the Mail app (using PowerShell )and reinstall it?
    Then can try again & see if it works?

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