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Thread: My Windows 10 Store and Store apps think they are Desktop apps

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    Default My Windows 10 Store and Store apps think they are Desktop apps


    I have to take care for multiple computers for our youth work. It are windows 10 computers with multiple local users (administrators). Computers are clean installed at the beginning of this year.

    Windows 10 makes me very unhappy, cause very often Store apps stop functioning. I’ve had troubles with the photos app, the calculator app and the store itself. A user starts the pc and calculator/photo or store app does not work any longer. The app is found in the search result, but it’s icon is white. And under it the text “desktop app”. No joke: the store pretends to be a desktop app.

    I read some other posts on your forum about not working apps or not working store. But “my” apps and store think they are desktop programs.

    When there are problems not all the users on the pc have the problem. Mostly it’s okay for one user, and for all the other users it is corrupt.

    I found a work around: make a new user. And for the new user all apps work.

    But I get a fulltime job creating new users and giving the user’s documents and settings back.

    Does anybody know a way to PREVENT the loss of functionality of the modern apps?
    Does anybody know a way to REPAIR the broken modern apps? I found some Powershell magic on the internet, but that did not help.

    I’d be very grateful for any help.


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    Looks like some corruptions issues for your user profile.

    See if any fixes under Widows 10 tab of FixWin 10 help you. It will also let you run DISM to repair your system image and run system file checker with a click. Do that.

    Else please see if these links help you:

    Clear & Reset Windows Store Cache

    Windows Store not working in Windows 10 – Automated Fix

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