Hey Everyone,

I started using my laptop this morning to find all taskbar icons were all using a default icon and that the desktop icons and file explorer icons had all gone completely blank.

I also cant right click and get Properties to work on anything in file explorer.

Tried lots of delete and rebuild icon cache suggestions.

System Restore no longer works, I get a "Catastophic falure" warning dialogue.

I have no idea what has caused this, no new hardware or software. No changes of anything. My laptop always runs problem free!

I did however notice and only saw this once, a system restore point from 6am this morning, seems to of been created by a windows update while I was asleep, but after I saw that and tried to restore I have never seen it again.

Tried setting up a new user but the issue exists in the new account also. I have also done virus checks and disk checks. No luck in safe mode either.

Any Ideas, thanks loads