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Thread: Start menu order in Windows 10

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    Default Start menu order in Windows 10

    I have a new box with my first installation of Win 10 and I am trying to figure out the start menu interface. I downloaded and installed Firefox and the installer package created a start menu shortcut with a name of "Mozilla Firefox". Fair enough, but I am used to having it on a start menu sorted alphabetically with the short name "Firefox". So, I went into c:\programdata\Microsoft\windows\start menu and did a rename, which worked fine.

    The problem is that Firefox still sorts in the "M" group as if it was still name Mozilla even though the icon reads Firefox and should, logically, sort with the "F" group. Is there a fix for this?

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    I dont think there is a fix for this, but perhaps some one else here may know ...

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    no idea by me too . hey anyone please help this fellow if you can

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