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Thread: Can't boot Windows setup from USB. Invalid partition table

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    Default Can't boot Windows setup from USB. Invalid partition table

    hello all

    i have this old quadcore (2007) i want to install win10 from the usb, i used the windows media creation tool to make the flash drive. But the bios is telling me "Invalid partition table" on the flashdrive.

    I tried a 4gb drive and a 32gb and same problem. Yet i know the machine can boot from those usb drives as i've used memtest86 and 86+ to confirm and a syslinux also boots on both drives, so the size is not in question.

    i thought it must be the type of drive used... fat, ntfs, gpt, mbr

    i changed the drive type from Fat32lba to Fat32 and even Fat16 but no go (minitool partition wizard).

    i've never been able to boot win7 setup on that old quadcore other than cd and i really want to use usb.

    is there some way to dump the iso to the flash and tweak the flashdrive to have it boot ?

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