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Thread: Microsoft Outlook and Internet not working after latest Windows Update

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    Default Microsoft Outlook and Internet not working after latest Windows Update

    I'm new to Windows 10 since I bought my new laptop in last January. Everything was going well until a huge update happened yesterday. It didn't give me the choice of postponing it and at 11:30 AM sharp it started. It lasted a very long time and gave messages of percentage achieved and that it was closing often during the process.

    Then it gave me the message that everything was at its place on my computer but it was kind of frozen there for a long time. I was tapping on my pad to activate the screen but nothing was happening and I got frustrated so, I decided to do Ctrl+Alt+delete to force my computer to reboot.

    Since then when I click to open my Outlook, it cannot send or receive and I get the following error (0x800CCC0E)... Impossible to connect to the server.

    I can't access any website on the Internet also.

    I thought the system was automatically creating a system restore point so I could go back in time to avoid having to erase everything and reinstall windows 10 but unfortunately, it wasn't. I didn't know I had to set it up. It's all new to me.

    Can somebody help me avoid erasing everything please.


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    The quickest thing I can suggest that is that you uninstall that particular Windows Update and then use this tool to block that particular Windows Updates in Windows 10.

    Once you have a working computer, I suggest you report your problem to Microsoft Answers and see if they have fixed this update or have a quick fix for it.

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