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Thread: Can Bing & other forced Microsoft apps be removed from Windows 10?

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    Question Can Bing & other forced Microsoft apps be removed from Windows 10?


    This is my 1st post here, but I've been a home PC-user for about 16 years, (but I STILL don't know much more than playing games, searching the Internet & sending & receiving email).

    Like many others, I've been putting off the Windows 10 upgrade because of all the invasion of privacy issues that are woven into this "free" upgrade, so I want to do whatever I can to preserve as much of my personal information as I can.

    I downloaded the "10AppsManager" from Kim Komando's website, as it explained that I could eliminate as many of the built-in apps of this new OS that I wanted, but I noticed that there was no listing for "Bing".

    I always use DuckDuckGo for doing my online searching, (as they don't track anything, nor do they send your browsing info to your ISP, MS or anyone else), & the thought of having "Bing" on my system is something I want to avoid.

    Will you please tell me how to keep "Bing" & any other Microsoft-related apps that weren't listed in the "10AppsManager" so I have to go through this upgrade process just once?

    I hate to admit this, but even though I've been a PC-user for over 15 years, I'm not very technically other words, I don't know how to make registry changes or do some of the things mentioned in earlier posts regarding the "shell", & things like that, so may I ask that when anyone is kind enough to post instructions for me that you please use LOTS of simple, very descriptive, everyday language so I don't mess anything up?! I'm very bright & I AM trainable, but I just don't understand PCs like most of you do.

    If anyone has any other helpful hints for me, please feel free to post them, as any & all suggestions are gratefully appreciated!

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Best Regards,


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    Bing has been integrated with the Windows 10 operating system, so it may be difficult or impossible to fully remove it. But these links may help you:
    Uninstall Universal Apps from your User Account in Windows 10 using PowerShell
    Completely Uninstall Pre-Installed Windows Store Apps. Do read the warning in red though.

    If you wish, you can remove Bing and set Google as the taskbar search engine. You can also make Cortana search with Google, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo in Windows 10.

    I would say, if you do not use the preinstalled apps, see which you can uninstall easily, and let the rest remain. That is what I have done.

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