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Thread: All Sound services have vanished. Groove reports error 0xc00d36fa

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    Default All Sound services have vanished. Groove reports error 0xc00d36fa

    All my sound services have vanished in Windows 10, even after reinstall: Playing, recording, system sounds, Cortana audio.

    Groove reports the error 0xc00d36fa.

    Via Chat Microsoft technicians uninstalled / reinstalled drivers. and tried other things but finally advised a fresh reinstall which I only accepted because of a promise it would solve the long lasting November update bug too. The bug, which trashed the Store and apps has at last been dealt with, thankfully, so it was worthwhile for that reason alone. But no sound services have returned, even after the reinstall. I am unable to get Cortana working properly, all my apps / programs which use sound in some way report that they have no sound functionally. I was going to watch some YouTube videos dealing with these fairly widespread problems until I realised I would not be able to hear them.

    Speakers / Microphone are Intel S5 Audio Devices (WDM). Realtek 12 S Audio Codec. In addition to the error code above I had the report APC.INDEX.MISMATCH when all this started.

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    Have you already tried downloading and installing the computer manufacturer's hardware EXE or ZIP install for that particular piece of hardware? I've had to utilize my previously downloaded and unZipped EXE package for my sound hardware more than once because something took out the sound device more than once. I'm using an Acer Aspire with Windows 7 Pro, so I probably cannot step-by-step you through this.

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