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Thread: Two versions of Windows 10 displayed at startup. Need to remove old entry

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    Default Two versions of Windows 10 displayed at startup. Need to remove old entry

    I installed Windows 10 in September, but then got locked out of my account, with no seeming way to get back in. As a consequence, I reinstalled Windows 8 from disks and had no intention of upgrading. Windows 10 was still on my system, and I had to choose to log in using the Win8 OS each time. Now that I've been forced to upgrade this last month, I now have two versions of Win10 on my system and can't figure out how to remove the old, corrupted one (it is corrupted, because if I choose it to log in with, it tells me it's not working and that I need to choose another OS). I have System Mechanic and tried to see if I could find it through one of its tools, but I'm not computer savvy enough to decipher it. Any ideas?

    Also, I don't know if it's connected with this or not, but since this upgrade, my internet connection keeps dropping. Other devices on our home network are fine. I've tried turning off wireless and using a hard connection, but it still does it. Any advice on this would also be appreciated.

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    This post will show you how to remove Earlier Version of Windows from Boot Menu. But please BE CAREFUL.

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