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Thread: How to remove appdata\local\temp files/folders safely?

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    Default How to remove appdata\local\temp files/folders safely?

    I have a HPstream Notebook 13-C077nr it only has 32 Gb. I did the Windows 10 update.
    I keep almost all of my files on a flash drive.
    I have installed WPS, AVG, Malwarebytes, acrobat reader, Mozilla Thunderbird & Firefox, Google Chrome & a tiny app called search everything.
    I only have 3 Gb of space left. My appdata/local/temp folder has more than 2 Gb of files and folders in it.

    How can I know which files are safe to delete and how would I do it?
    I keep getting a message that a Windows update can't be installed. I try trouble shooting it but it never works.

    By the way when I did upgrade to Windows 10, I had to use a flash drive in order to be able to do it.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You can delete all the contents of that Temp folder. But as a matter of abundant precaution, create a system restore point first.

    More tips here on how to Free up & increase hard disk space.

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